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about canada jobs is it true or fake friends?
Title: Poultry farm labourer (NOC: 8431) Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time, Day and Night Salary: $19.00 Hourly for 42 hours per week Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible Location: Saint-Césaire (22 vacancies ) Skill Requirements: Education: Not applicable Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.): Not applicable Experience: Not required Languages: Read English, Write English Type of Farm Operations: Poultry and egg production Specific Skills: Feed and tend animals, Clean stables, barns, barnyards and pens, Detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock and poultry Type of Equipment: Swather, Tractor Type of Automated Systems Experience: Bulk grain or feed handling, Feeding and watering Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Repetitive tasks, Combination of sitting, standing, walking, Bending, crouching, kneeling Work Location Information: Rural community Essential Skills: Oral communication, Working with others TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Accommodation - Provided. 2. Ticket - Provided (Including during Vacation). 3. Medical - Provided. 4. Transportation - Provided. 5. Working hours - 9a.m-6p.m [mon-sat] 6. Vacation - 28.5 days every year 7. Contract - 4 years. 8. Insurance & Pension - According to Canadian Labor laws. 9. Other Benefits - Family status, group benefit and other fringe benefits. How to Apply: Please apply for this job only in the manner specified by us. Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position. Yours Sincerely, Mr. Foster Cameron 153 Rang du Haut de la Rivière Nord Saint-Césaire, QC J0L 1T0, Canada Tel: +1 (581) 221-0002 Fax: +1 (587) 487-1641 E-mail Address: info@... this job vacancy is true or fake friends please reply me.......because one of my friend is going to apply for this.........
Other - Canada - 5 Answers - 2013-02-13 22:50:27

How to increase my Blog Traffic ?
My blog is I have to increase the viewers of my blog , How?
Search Engine Optimization - 6 Answers - 2010-10-01 21:52:58

How can we earn through registered patents?
I have heard that one can earn money through patents in USA. Is it possible in India as well?
Personal Finance - 1 Answers - 2009-08-03 09:47:25

want to know about divorce, custody of unborn child as per Hindu marriage act India?
I am 28, married for 3 yrs. now 3 months pregnant with my first baby. myself and my husband (37), IT professional cannot get well together due to cultural difference even though ours was an arranged marriage. his ambiguous nature towards our relationship, and finance is the main reason. he drinks, smokes and comes late, beats me and abuses me almost daily. he is having relationships with many ladies which he calls friendship and they are independent and can do anything. he was jobless for past 2 1/2 yrs and i (my family) supported him financially giving a HUGE amount as what my husband earned and saved in his 12 long yrs of working / profession with high pay is a BIG 0. what was there left when he lost his job was only debts debts and more debts. so my parents helped to clear the debts and run our household. without telling me he has kept my gold (which my parents gave me) for pawn for money. now 2 months back he got a job with a high pay like before, but he has not changed a bit. still money is going somewhere. i tolerated everything but now came to know that he is having the nature of going to prostitutes for sex. when i asked with proof also he is telling he did not do that. in bed also he prefers to avoid me almost always as he got other options like i mentioned above. i spoke to his family, but like me they are also helpless. i am afraid this is affecting the growth and well being of my unborn baby. i am not looking for any temporary solutions. i did all that i can, but he cant understand how much i love him and feel for him. i guess it is better to take some permanent solution instead of living like this. i am well educated (media professional, journalist) and was working before marriage. my financial back ground is also good to take care of my unborn baby. he is telling he want this baby and he will take it from me at any cost. but i dont want my unborn baby to be brought by a person like him. i am afraid the baby will also turnout like him. i am not thinking of remarriage, i just want peace away from this hell. if i go to court what are my chances of getting the child custody of my unborn baby? i dont want anything back- the money my family spend for clearing his huge debts etc or my gold he has kept for pawn for money etc, i dont want any alimony also from him. pls help
Marriage & Divorce - 9 Answers - 2010-10-03 23:12:51

Is studying for an undergraduate degree in the foreign land worth it?
I am an Indian ,class XI student. i just wanted to know if its really beneficial to study abroad.
Studying Abroad - 1 Answers - 2010-10-18 19:44:36

does any one do online data entry jobs and are satisfied? i need help?
my vacation is on, so i want to earn some money by data entry jobs. many suggested me the links or websites but after making ID i was totally confused how to started entering data and was not getting assurance that my payment will be send to me. please explain me each step of this job . A to Z process, from start of entering data to recieption of payment.
Technology - 7 Answers - 2009-03-30 07:38:41

how to get 1000 page immpression per day to my blog?
i want to join cpm ad sites but dont know how to create 1000 page impressions to my new blog daily pls tell me
Search Engine Optimization - 1 Answers - 2010-07-09 03:56:23

how to lift the lifetime ban imposed because of TB.?
Dear All,please clarify me.I have been working as a engineer in reputed company for 7 years.During my 3rd visa renwal,I have deported from Abudhabi early this year with lifetime ban because TB.Currently I am completely cured from the decease.Now, how can I lift my ban by producing medical report stating that I am recovered from thed decease and enter abudhabi for further employnent.(As I heared,The new health rule abudahbi allows deported expats can come back to abudhabi after completing the treatment.).You guy's reliable openion on my question shall greatly helpful to my career in abroad.Thanks.
Government - 1 Answers - 2010-11-09 23:08:56

How can we earn through registered patents?
I have heard that one can earn money through patents in USA. Is it possible in India as well?
Personal Finance - 1 Answers - 2009-08-03 09:47:25

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